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19 June 2005 @ 06:24 pm
Fuck you  
Man, I am seriously fucking sick of this idea that everyone has that I somehow think I'm perfect. I really, really don't. At all. I am the Sataniel to the human race's Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael. Fuck, I am Satan to G-d. I am not perfect, I am about as far from perfection as you can get. I am the anti-perfection. I don't know why they think that.

I wonder what they would do if they could read my thoughts. Everyone wonders how people can hurt themselves. Have you ever hated someone so much, that every time you see them, you just want to take a fucking bat to their head? You just want to hurt them, kill them, destroy them, inflict as much fucking pain on them as possible? That's how I feel every time I look in the mirror. I want to smash my reflection, smash me, destroy me, break me, HURT me. Fuck.

On a brighter note, I finished my Bio assignment! Woohoo, go me. Now I should just do my Ancient History, English, Rel..... joy. Let's not go there, yeah? I have also decided to resume my Hebrew studies. Maybe. Considering my dad's family are Jewish, it would probably be a nice gesture on my part. Wait a sec, since when am I ever bothered by niceties? Ah well, first time for everything isn't there?

My neck hurts like all fuck. I am pretty sure I am getting the 'flu', just my luck. Fan-bloody-tastic timing, too! I have way too much work at the moment to afford getting sick. Actually, in that vein, I'd better stop wasting my time rambling about something interesting, and go ramble about something boring for school.

I lie. It's Ancient History. Never boring. ;)

Current Mood: stressedStressed
Current Music: Grada